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Dear friends,if you would like to operate a similar hotel,

or if you know someone with such an intention,

do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Imagine,this can be your hotel as well!

Property Requirement

    At least 4,000 square meters space, building depth/width should be between 14 to 16 meters, frame construction, elevator, independent building is preferred. Water supply (3000/tons per month), electricity supply (800KVA), natural gas pipeline, municipal pollution discharge sewerage, septic tanks, PABX with DID functionality, cable television, and central heating supply (especially in North China). All official documents must be clear for property, preferred clearance of mortgage loan. Tenancy should be 15 years.
Plenty of outdoor space around the property, clear exit and available for car parking.

Location Request

    Located in A-1 class cities, central business district (exhibition, trading, traffic or amusement center) Good visibility, better to be intersection or better to have certain advertisement position; Near a symbolizing building, historic culture or tourism center in the city; Close to five stars hotels area;
Supporting facilities around the property (such as restaurant, bank and convenience stores).

Traffic Condition

    Traffic condition is the major factors while we concern the locations, nearing the subway station are preferable.
For other locations/cities without subway, it's better have more than 3 mass transportations near 300 meters to get to the business center, bus station or airport;
Close to major traffic terminal, bridge, tunnel, highway exits or city loop line;
Have good traffic mobility, convenience Exit In; better not to be one way, have good visibility and accessibility.

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